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Incentive (eCentive) solutions  enables the effortless administration of co-op, market development funds (MDF) and other marketing funds by providing a single, easy-to-use platform with vetting, reporting and analytics built in.

Incentive solutions facilitates and automate the pre-approval, claim submission, and reimbursement process, freeing both marketers and program participants form the administrative burdens. This allows them the focus on driving sales and performance, delivering ever improving customer service and leading representation of your brand(s).

In a constantly evolving consumer driven society, companies need to be at the top of their game ensuring that their services and solutions are at the forefront of innovation. This agile ability requires a different philosophy, innovative technology and mobility. Our in house software development partners ensure that all ad-hoc requests made our clients are attended to.

The Channel

Incentive Solutions

We offer extensive coverage of a channels and have designed the eCentive system to ensure that Sales Centres are catered for.

Comprehensive development has been done to ensure timely and secure payments are made to all agents within the business.

What We Do

The eCentive system provides a full turnkey retail/network incentive solution that includes:

Incentive SPIV facilitation

SPIV facilitation

Automated management of commission for products sold.

Incentive Software Design

eWallet Solution

Our eWallet solution comes with a cash-out to card functionality.

Incentive Software Design

Software Design

Comprehensive software design that drives salesman performance by enhancing volume sales and bundling cart size.

Incentive KPI's


We provide insights that align with our customers strategic KPI's.

Swift processing of earnings drives sales and increases brand loyalty. eCentive allows companies to incentivise staff, agents or third parties in a secure way while maintaining an extremely low turnaround time.

Incentive Program Flow

Create card

Reloadable Mastercard (dt cards)

define business rules
Define business rules

Tax Opinions
Additional/ Ad Hoc incentives

Incentive systems

How to use
Process Flow
Call Centre and Support

Ecentive rewards

Furnish Rewards cards

Incentive System Registration

Activate Card Up On Registration and FICA Vetting

Claim moderation
Claim Moderation

Apply Business Rules
Fraud Prevention
Reward Allocation

Ecentive Payment

Successful Validation Against
Business Rules - Payment into eWallet

Ecentive Reports and Insights
Reports and Insights

Analyze Results and Behaviors
Identify Trends and Opportunities

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Address: 1st Floor Euro Centre, 363 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa
Phone: +27 11 807 5345
Email: info@ecentive.co.za

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